At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic we sometimes have patients inquiring about our WSIB denture services. So, what is WSIB and does it cover denture expenses? And what about denture implants and WSIB? Here we go over some of WSIB process with respect to covering dental expenses for injured workers.

What is WSIB?

WSIB is a form of a workplace insurance in Ontario provides a wide range of benefits and services to injured workers in Ontario. Sometimes the benefits can include payments in lieu of lost wages (loss of earnings). Other times, the benefits include coverage for health care costs related to a workplace injury.

Will WSIB cover my dental costs?

If your injury has caused tooth loss or damage, WSIB is will most likely cover your denture cost. However, WSIB does not pay for restorative services for cosmetic reasons alone. WSIB will assess whether you tooth loss or damage was pre-accident. The amount of coverage will depend on this assessment.  WSIB will authorize all expenses and dental services except emergency services, beforehand.

How does WSIB cover my dental expenses?

The WSIB pays for necessary dental services according to an approved fee schedule. Usually WSIB approves dental services if they are required as a direct result of a work-related injury or disease.

Does WSIB include dentures?

If you broke your existing denture in a work-related accident, the WSIB will limit the restoration of the denture to its pre-accident condition of fit and durability. Moreover, you can get a simple repair or reline without a prior authorization from the WSIB. Also, if replacement of the denture is necessary, the worker must get WSIB approval. The WSIB limits entitlement to the average cost of restoration of the denture.

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