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Not Just Snoring

Health Benefits of Sleep Apnea Assessment & Treatment

Do you snore? Does your spouse or partner say that you snore, or even complain about your snoring keeping them up at night? If so, your snoring could be a sign of a more serious health issue: Sleep Apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a physical condition wherein breathing repeatedly stops and starts during one’s sleep. This can lead to a number of symptoms, including:

• Snoring (often loudly)
• Insomnia / inability to sleep / lack of sleep
• Headaches upon waking up (sometimes with dry mouth / sore throat)
• Feeling tired during the day

If you know that you snore, and/or are feeling some or all of these symptoms, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. It is not a condition to let linger, treat lightly or ignore. Instead, your best course of action is to get tested for sleep apnea and find out whether you are a candidate for the sleep apnea treatment and remedies now available.

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Sleep Better, Healthier

Mitigating Sleep Apnea Helps You & Your Partner

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, likely through a sleep study or other means, we can help. With our expertise in dentures and oral health comes an associated level of experience and knowledge in the area of sleep apnea. Many of our patients (or their partners/spouses) have indicated concerns about sleep apnea. Treatment for sleep apnea in Ottawa includes CPAP devices, which are more and more popular as their effectiveness is proven time and again, as well as oral appliances. If you suffer from sleep apnea, talk to our clinic today about your options, including how to seek diagnosis of sleep apnea in Ottawa and how we can help treat your sleep apnea and mitigate your sleep apnea symptoms such as snoring and more.


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Frequently Asked

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that negatively impacts a person’s sleep cycle and overall health. A person’s upper airway will narrow and cause a person to temporarily stop breathing during sleep. This irregular breathing is known as an apnea. A signal is sent to the brain and causes the person to wake up just enough to restart their breathing. This repeats several times throughout one night.

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A common sign of sleep apnea is snoring, however, not everyone who snores suffers from sleep apnea. There are several other symptoms related to sleep apnea such as:
  • Restless sleep
  • Headaches upon waking up
  • Feeling tired during the day
  • Gasping or choking during sleep

If you experience more than one of these symptoms, there is a chance that you have sleep apnea.

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If left untreated, the symptoms related to sleep apnea can increase your risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, headaches and more. Sleep apnea symptoms can also affect your lifestyle since you will feel tired from restless or sleepless nights.

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There are a few different solutions for treating sleep apnea. Common treatments for sleep apnea include mechanical devices such as a CPAP machine or a mouthpiece that moves your jaw forward when you sleep. Alternatively, if non-surgical treatments are not effective, oral surgery may be recommended for severe cases.

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Sleep apnea is commonly seen in male patients who are middle-aged, obese and suffer from other chronic disorders. Having a family history of sleep apnea is also fairly common. If you have family members who are currently using sleep apnea treatment, we recommend speaking with a specialist to determine if you have sleep apnea.

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