Are You in Need of Quality Same Day Denture Repairs?

Accidents happen and we at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic got you covered!  Why would you put up with cracked dentures or chipped and broken artificial teeth, for one moment longer than absolutely necessary? We know how unpredictable and sudden denture breakage can be. This is why we offer the best quality same day denture repairs in Ottawa  for our valued patients. The best part is – you can get repairs while you wait in our office.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Emergency denture repair is the most common service provided by our denturist Caner Karaceper. Dentures can fracture for a number of reasons requiring specialized denturist to repair them. There are several reasons for denture fracture. Here are some of the common reasons for denture fracture:

Denture repair while you wait

Our repair team works while you relax! We can complete majority of denture repairs in 1-2 hours in our denture clinic. Our qualified denturist has all of the equipment, materials and know-how to make a lasting, quality denture repair. We utilize modern technology resulting in the highest standards of quality. If your dentures have not been fitting properly, our denturist may recommend a reline of the denture. This will require an impression of your mouth with the denture in place, and new acrylic material will be added to correct the fit. Moreover, if your dentures are past their lifetime, and old and worn, we may recommend creating a new and better fitting denture.

How much will denture repair cost me?

Denture repair cost may vary due to the complexity of denture repair required. We are transparent with our patients and our College of Denturists fee schedule outlines denture repair cost in range of between $200 – $350. We guarantee every repair will be of highest quality ensuring the best longevity of your existing dentures. Be vary of near free denture repairs in Ottawa as those may not be as of high quality or longevity due to significantly reduced cost.

Whatever your denture emergency may be, we are happy to help. You can call us at 613.262.6332, whether it is to book an emergency denture consultation or a free assessment. We also offer mobile denture services and will visit you on site at senior care home or a hospital. At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, a complete patient satisfaction is our mission. We guarantee quality denture repairs that will have you smiling in no time! Contact us today at 613.262.6332 – we love to see you smile! You can read our article to learn more about What to Expect From Your Denture Clinic Visit.