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Assessing Your Treatment Options

Retrofitting Dentures
Through the Rebase Process

Smile Denture and Implant Clinic offers denture rebase services to our patients. Rebase is necessary in cases when the denture teeth have not worn as thoroughly as the denture base material. Rebasing is a process of retrofitting dentures by replacing the acrylic denture base. Hence, the procedure will replace the entire denture base. Denture base is the plastic portion that stimulates the gum tissue. This process provides a stable denture that incorporates denture teeth. Rebasing a denture involves replacing the entire base of the denture, while keeping the teeth intact. Rebasing as opposed to relining means that denture’s effective life span can be extended. Rebasing can improve fit, vertical dimension (height of the teeth of the denture), facial appearance and denture strength.

Moreover, it’s a more complex process than relining a denture and it requires going without your dentures for several days. However, often our patients will present with a case of DIY denture repair kits. This is very common situation where patients used super glue to repair denture and this sometimes caused an irreparable damage to the dentures.
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We advise you to contact our denturist prior to embarking upon a risky and often times costly denture alterations. Often times because super glue is inadequate solution, underlying oral health issues may emerge such as inflamed gum tissue and infections.

To ensure you get the best treatment you need our denturist is in the best position to assess your options and discuss possible treatment plans. Moreover, we will keep you fully informed and educated on your options and why one treatment may be preferable to another. At our Denture and Implant Clinic, we offer many denture services that can restore your smile. Contact our denture clinic today and allow us to restore the smile and confidence back into your life!


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Frequently Asked

A denture rebase is necessary when the denture teeth have not worn out as thoroughly as the denture base material. 


A denture rebase is necessary when the base of your denture becomes worn out. Some common signs to look for are:

  • A weak denture base 
  • Cracked or damaged denture base
  • Your dentures are not fitting as comfortably as they used to

Contact us for more information on the denture rebasing process.

The denture rebasing process is more complex than other denture repair methods. It requires you to go several days without your dentures. Denture rebasing involves replacing the entire acrylic base that incorporates the existing denture teeth.

Our clinic works fast and efficiently to ensure you receive your rebased dentures as fast as possible. Contact us today for more information on our denture rebasing service.

No! No matter how big or small the damage to the acrylic base is, do not attempt to fix it with superglue. Denture rebasing is a complex process that requires the attention of an experienced denturist. Using superglue to repair your denture may cause more or irreparable damage. 

Contact our Ottawa clinic immediately if you are experiencing any issues with your denture, we can fix them as soon as possible.

A denture rebasing is done when the denture base material is significantly more worn out than the denture teeth. Rebasing involves retrofitting dentures by replacing the worn-out acrylic base. Rebasing can also improve fit, vertical dimension (height of the teeth of the denture), facial appearance and denture strength. 

Contact our clinic if you are experiencing any trouble with your denture base. Our denturist will be happy to ensure that your dentures are restored to their most comfortable state.

A denture reline addresses the changes that naturally occur in your gums and jawbone and involves changing the fit of your denture. A denture rebasing is a more complex process that requires replacing the acrylic base of your denture. Rebasing is usually required when the acrylic base has worn out but the denture teeth are still in good condition.

Contact our Ottawa clinic for more information on our denture services.