Would you like to know the difference between quality denture and other types of dentures?

There are several types of dentures you may need depending on your oral health condition. Often times, we come across a patient inquiring about the lowest cost denture. Sometimes, we hear about incredibly cheap quotes our patients may be given elsewhere. We always take time to explain to our patients that difference in denture cost can be due to denture materials, type of denture required and comprehensive patient care.

Here we give you a summary of two categories of dentures namely: premium dentures and cheaper ones.  Often, we classify dentures depending on whether or not there are natural teeth remaining in the mouth to support them. The more missing teeth you have the higher the cost of the denture. This is what is commonly referred to as a full denture. On the other hand, the issue of only some missing teeth can be remedied by partial denture which is often cheaper.

Materials Matter

 Moreover, dentures differ in terms of how they are held in your mouth and in terms of the materials used to make them. As a result, we categorize dentures based on the types of material used to make them. The base of the denture can be made from either metal or plastic or acrylic, and the teeth are usually acrylic although porcelain teeth are sometimes used as premium teeth.

 For instance, metal partial dentures have superior strength and can be made smaller and thinner than plastic ones. They are generally more hygienic and more tolerable as they do not need to cover as much of the mouth. As a result, they are much more expensive to make than plastic dentures. On the other hand, plastic dentures are cheaper and easier to make.  But, they may damage the gums around natural teeth if not designed and then cleaned properly. They are often only the ideal choice as immediate dentures for teeth that need to be extraction.

Did you know that difference in price of dentures can be also attributed to workmanship in crafting dentures and post denture care? Here we compare similar dentures yet of a different quality materials, craftsmanship and patient care. They may be suitable for patients with different needs as well as different price budgets.

Cheap Denture

Dentist office or some denturists will offer a basic denture where denture making is outsourced to a dental lab. There, dental technicians will make the denture as per the specifications of your dentist. Often times, the dental lab will use the lowest cost materials in order to meet the price charged by dentist. Then dentist will mark up the price of denture to cover their cost of taking the impression, administering the denture and any post denture care they may offer.

Cheaper Materials

As a result, dental techs often make basic dentures with a lower grade materials. Unfortunately, these cheaper teeth are prone to breakage and cracking. Often, they offer limited gum color as well. This makes the basic dentures look less natural and more like false teeth. Also, the shrinkage of dentures is a common problem with lower quality basic dentures. Basic dentures often shrink more than 0.1%, and this affects the fit and bite functionality. Often, because they do not make basic dentures e on the articulator, this means that bite, smile and jawbone relationship may not be as ideal.

Minimized Personalized Care and Adjustments

Usually, once dentures are made there is little room for adjustments as this would be at additional cost to labs. Hence, patients often have ill fitted dentures that create uncomfort and unhappiness. As a result, they often  resort to getting new dentures within a few months or a year. This is due to unbearable discomfort and sometimes emerging medical conditions such as inflamed gum tissue.

Premium Quality Denture, Premium Care

Denturist makes premium quality denture, as he/she is a dental professional who specializes in denture fabrication, fit and materials. Denturists complete years of training in denture making to ensure best denture fit, quality and care. They work in coordination with dentists to address any of the oral health issues that you may have.  At our clinic, we make premium dentures on a personalized, case by case basis. Our denturist will meet with you as many times as required to meet all of your dental needs. This often may require longer period to craft the dentures as it is highly customizable to ensure a maximum fit. Denturist will also take a bite impression and adjust your bite if dentures are off with your chewing motions.

Quality Denture Materials Make All The Difference

Materials also play a major factor in distinguishing quality denture from lower grade ones. Often, higher quality means that we make dentures with choice of high grade acrylics, porcelain to simulate or match natural teeth. As a result, these dentures will last for years to come. Gum color also plays a role in how natural looking your dentures may be. High quality denture offers a better match to your skin tone and existing gum tissue characteristics including special shading and tinting. Because we make them with an acrylic injection mold this ensures that your new dentures will shrink at most by under 0.1%.

Quality Denture Craftsmanship Allows For Premium Cstomization

Moreover, because we make dentures on articulator, they will allow for proper fit and appearance of teeth. This is essential to ensure normal speech, bite and smile. The articulator enables denturists to craft prosthesis in such a way that you have a normal bite and minimal collapsing mouth effect. This also allows for underbite and overbite correction to ensure any remaining teeth have adequate biting pressure. With quality denture service your denturist will craft prosthesis with the special attention to proper tooth spacing, rotations and overlaps to mimic natural looking teeth. Moreover, your denturist will fit your denture and trim it as needed to ensure ultimate comfort, smile and fit.

Our denturist is the best person to help you decide on which type of denture you may need and which material is best. Finally, quality dentures require assurances, and we stand behind our work. Our denturist will allow for multiple fittings and follow-ups to ensure best comfort and satisfaction for years to come. You can contact us anytime to set your free, no obligation appointment at 613.262.6332. To learn more about how you can take good care of your dentures, please visit our article on Denture Care.