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Ottawa Denture Implants & Implant Supported Dentures

Smile Denture and Implant Clinic specializes in quality and customized dental implant solutions. Denture implants offer a way to keep dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence. We offer implant supported dentures that provide a superior fit and feel, compared to the conventional solutions.

In fact, dental implant is an excellent option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Dental implants act as replacement teeth that feel like real teeth. Implant supported dentures are also ideal for clients who have lost their teeth but have enough bone left in their jaw to handle the dental implant. Our denturist Caner will work closely with you and our partner implant specialists for the insertion while we fabricate the denture implants for you. Also, he will also ensure that dentures fit comfortably in place and that they are attached properly to the implant.

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Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

Restore Your Natural Smile With Denture Implants

Many patients who have chosen the dental implant path report they are happy and comfortable for the first time since the loss of their natural teeth. Here are a few benefits to denture implants over the conventional dentures:
  • Dental implants are the next best thing to your healthy, natural teeth
  • Implant supported dentures are very durable, stable and the best long term teeth solution replacement
  • Dental implants will restore your smile beautifully by retaining your natural face shape and smile
  • With implant dentures you can laugh and eat without fear of loosing your dentures
  • Implant supported denture protects your jaw bone and keeps your healthy teeth in place
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Titanium implants Are Long-Lasting

Implant Dentures Are Secure
But Easy to Remove to Clean

The denture implant procedure typically takes about an hour, and is done under local anaesthesia where we place titanium dental implants in the jaw. Our clinic works with the best oral dental surgeons and dentists in Ottawa to ensure you receive a comprehensive treatment from start to finish. Our denturist will assess your dental health and your existing denture is modified to sit comfortably over the implants during the healing phase. Discomfort from the procedure is usually minor and healing phase is fairly quick. Once the dental implants have healed, we connect posts (or abutments) to the dental implants and your denture is modified to snap onto the abutments. As a result, the implant denture will be secure but can also easily be removed for cleaning. Cleaning consists of removing your denture at night and brushing around your implants to stimulate blood flow and promote a healthy gum tissue.

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Frequently Asked

The full process of getting implant dentures is a lengthy one. Once the implants are placed, they will require time to heal and fuse with the jawbone structure. This process usually takes about 3 months for implants in the lower jaw, and about 6 months for implants in the upper jaw. Everybody heals a little differently so these times can vary. We will monitor your progress as time goes on and determine when the implants are ready for the final dentures. In the meantime, you will be provided with temporary dentures to cover the implant posts so they can be protected while you go about your daily life.

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Generally speaking, a full set of implant-retained dentures will need anywhere from two to four implants in each jaw. Depending on the need and patient’s budget, more implants could be inserted for added support. Our denturist will carefully assess your needs to ensure you are receiving the necessary amount of implants. 

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The dental implants can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years if properly cared for. The dentures which are fitted to the posts can last up to 10 years if properly cared for, making them the cheapest type of denture in terms of ongoing maintenance and replacement costs. Our denturist takes the time to walk you through the proper maintenance of implant-retained dentures. 

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It is not recommended to leave your implant-retained dentures in while you sleep. Despite the superior hold and strength of the dentures, they are still vulnerable to bacteria buildup between the dentures and gums. The dentures should be removed and cleaned daily, and your gums should be given a break while you sleep.

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In most cases, you can still get dental implants and switch to implant-retained dentures even if you have been using a different type of denture. However, this depends on how long you’ve had dentures. Speak with your denturist about it to find out if you are a good candidate for implant-retained dentures.

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