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Why wait when you can replace your missing teeth the same day? We are happy to offer our immediate denture services to our valued patients for optimum comfort, immediately restored smiling, eating and speaking ability. We craft custom immediate dentures to the exact dimensions of your face for ultimate comfort and confidence right here at our denture clinic in Ottawa. We stand out from all other Ottawa denture clinics with our exceptional patient care, quality and affordable cost.

Immediate dentures are solutions are ideal for patients with missing teeth or patients who have undergone extractions. Our denture clinic understands the importance of having your teeth during the healing period after teeth extraction. An immediate denture can help you to enjoy life to the fullest with your bright smile, with no downtime.

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Complete or Partial Denture

Interim Denture Solution
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Are Removed

Immediate dentures are a complete denture or partial denture inserted on the same day of your extractions or a few days after. When the insertion is done immediately following the removal of natural teeth it can help you avoid having to go without any teeth during the healing process. Our denturist will take impressions of your mouth prior to the extractions, while your natural teeth are still present. He will then create a denture similar to your natural teeth, and make any modifications such as your personal preference on aesthetics of your new smile.

There are several advantages of an immediate denture. In fact, the most important result is that you will never need to appear in public without teeth. Moreover, an immediate denture will allow you to establish your speech patterns early. Furthermore, an immediate denture will also allow you to chew better than without any teeth. Finally, your immediate denture will minimize any facial distortion that may occur when teeth are removed.


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Frequently Asked

Same-day dentures, or immediate dentures as they are often called, are dentures that are put in right after your teeth have been extracted. They are also used by people who have already lost their teeth but need dentures within 24 hours. These dentures allow people to regain their confidence quickly and adjust to the new dentures in less time.  

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When you get same-day dentures, the process is similar to that of getting regular dentures, except with an accelerated timeframe. If you have not had your teeth extracted yet, a dental technician will take a mold of your teeth and create your dentures from that. These dentures are then built by an advanced dental 3D printer. The new dentures will fit perfectly over your gums and keep your mouth safe while letting you adjust to the new feeling. 

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The biggest benefit of same-day dentures is that people never need to spend a long amount of time without teeth. Whether you just had your teeth extracted or you lost your old dentures, same-day dentures allow you to get your dentures back in 24 hours so that you can feel confident in your smile all the time.

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Same day dentures are temporary dentures for most patients, they provide quick dentures for those who may have lost or broken their dentures, and dentures for those who may have just had their teeth extracted and wish to have dentures immediately after. These dentures allow you to be confident in your smile and continue to speak, eat and live your life as normal. There is also the benefit of protecting the gums from any potential damage while they heal from tooth extraction.

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