Fun Facts About Dentures

At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic dentures are our favourites! They are equally well appreciated by the people with missing teeth! Dentures can restore your ability to speak, chew and smile! But did you know some people go the extra mile and pay a lot of money for a set of teeth? Here are some interesting facts about dentures that are bound to make you smile and wonder.

1. Animal Teeth Anyone?

In the past, way back in the past, natural materials were used to construct dentures. These natural materials included human and animal teeth and ivory from a walrus, elephant or hippopotamus’s tusks. Yes, that’s right – people wanted to have their teeth even if that meant wearing animal teeth! Thankfully we do not to have to rely on that anymore. Nowadays, we use the acrylic resin and metal and the teeth are in acrylic or porcelain. Around 700BC, Etruscans in Italy were making dentures out of human or animal teeth. Ivory dentures were especially popular in 1700s made from walrus, elephant or hippopotamus. Later on, human teeth were collected from dead soldiers by grave robbers! In 1820 Claudius Ash crafted new and improved dentures. He mounted porcelain on 18-karat gold palates creating superior prosthesis. Luckily now we rely on acrylic resin and plastic, making dentures that much more affordable!

2. The Secret Behind George Washington’s Dentures

The first US President, George Washington had famously bad teeth and suffered from tooth decay and tooth loss. Hidden behind his serious demeanor, for years people thought that Washington’s set of choppers were made of wood. But George Washington’s dentures weren’t wooden! He had four sets made of different materials: gold, ivory and human and animal teeth. All of his dentures caused him pain and produced facial disfigurement. Moreover, since they were made of ivory they tended to stain easily and they required extensive cleaning. Luckily, the dentures we have today are custom made for the optimal fit and functionality. Moreover, they aim to retain and recreate your natural features.

3.  The Most Expensive Dentures

Next time you feel self-conscious about wearing dentures consider this: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s partials were specifically made to preserve his lisp! They are also one of the most popular museum exhibits at Hunterian Museum! But the best part is – his other set was sold at an auction for a whopping $23,723! Although many respected him for being one of the greatest wartime leaders, that’s still a lot of money for a pair of teeth. Thankfully, nowadays you can get a great pair of dentures for under $3,000.

Have fun chewing on these small tidbits about artificial teeth! Ottawa residents, if you have any interesting denture facts of your own, please share them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you! If you need more information about dentures in Ottawa, feel free to contact us or call (613) 262 – 6332.