There are many reasons to be grateful on thanksgiving. Being surrounded by friends and family and having the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful time together is top of most people’s list.Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for families and friends to come together to express thanks for our many blessings. Here at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, we are thankful for our patient’s trust and many beautiful smiles we have created over the years.

Are you grateful for your smile?

As you enjoy dinner this Thanksgiving, keep your teeth and gums healthy with smart food choices, especially if you wear dentures. Stay away from hard foods to prevent any accidental breakage. Moreover, if you are dealing with ill-fitting, loose or uncomfortable dentures, we can certainly help. Dentures that slip or fall out easily can make it very difficult to enjoy a meal. In addition, loose or uncomfortable dentures can make it difficult to chew and properly digest certain foods. This may be due to changes in your jaw bone or due to movement of your natural teeth. At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic we are happy to provide customized denture solutions for our patients. We can assess your current dentures and advise best type of treatment needed to provide optimal comfort and confidence. 

Are dental implants for you?

Dental implants may be the right choice for patients looking for a more natural feel of missing teeth replacement. Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement solution. They provide replacement teeth that look, function and feel like natural teeth. There a a variety of tooth replacement options that can be used with dental implants. Some of those include dental-implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures. Implant-supported full bridges and dentures are more comfortable and stable than conventional dentures.

There’s no reason to miss out on any more holiday festivities, especially when it comes to eating all of that delicious food that we love so much. If you are looking for a better solution for missing teeth or if your dentures are uncomfortable, give us a call at 613.262.6332 or contact us. We’d be happy to see you during our free consultation and help you get the smile of your dreams!