Is It Hard Eating With Dentures?

At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, we see many patients who choose to replace their missing teeth with a full or partial denture. A common reason for needing a new denture is the fact that patients may already be experiencing pain and trouble eating and speaking. Missing tooth or teeth can cause the remaining teeth in your mouth to shift around and impact your biting functionality. Most people choose to replace the missing tooth or teeth not only for improved biting functionality but also for aesthetics.


What To Do If Your Dentures Hurt

Sometimes, patients will be concerned that it may be difficult to adjust to their new dentures and restore their bite. This is mostly a myth as adjusting to new dentures is not difficult, but it does require some monitoring. You should always consult your denturist if you feel that your new dentures may be ill-fitted. This is especially true, if you start to develop redness or sore spots on your gums. This can happen when denture is slightly loose or too tight and it may require further adjustments. The best part about dentures is in fact that they are made to come as close as possible to your natural bite functionality. This means there may always be a slight difference in the way your denture feels, however, it should always be a significant improvement relative to missing teeth. The best way to achieve near seamless teeth replacement is to get implant supported denture. This type of prosthesis will feel like your natural teeth as the implants will support it fully.


Consult With Denturist

So overall, it is not hard eating with a denture, but some adjustments may be needed if you are experiencing any discomfort. In that instance, your best option is to contact your denturist who can help and adjust it to improve comfort. Another important aspect is to always keep your dentures clean, as sometimes gum infection can happen from improper hygiene. Also, if your old denture is loose and ill-fitting after many years, it could be making it harder for you to enjoy certain foods. In this case, you can always visit our denture clinic and schedule a free appointment with our friendly denturist. Here we can discuss your options as well as a possibility or
realigning your existing dentures. We are happy to help you if you have any concerns with your dentures. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our clinic.