Time for New Dentures?

Our denturist clinic is proud of the quality denture work we provide for patients. What brings us most joy are how how patients feel about their treatment afterwards for many years to come. For many patients, wearing a good fitting denture can be a life changing event. Moreover, dentures can provide a new joy in areas of life that previously caused embarrassment or discomfort. Here at the Smile and Implant Denture Clinic in Ottawa we provide a 

Who makes dentures?

Our denturist Caner Karaceper makes brand new dentures every day at our denturist clinic and our Smile Dental Lab! With years of expertise we can confidently say that dentures are our speciality! We make the highest quality dentures that will stand the test of time. Importantly, dentures should be well cared for to help maintain them but sadly, they don’t last forever. Guidelines recommend that you change dentures every 5 years at maximum to ensure continuous fit. This is because the mouth is constantly in use from eating and drinking to speaking and communication. It harbours a lot of bacteria as well. Over time the mouth tissues subtly change shape and size as well. This means a denture may no longer fit perfectly as it used to at the beginning.

Are you a candidate for new dentures?

There are many reasons why you may require new dentures. Some of those are due to misplacing your perfectly good denture or as a result of your pet’s mischief! Others may be due to cracking your dentures or simply having them no longer fit right. Here are a couple of things to be looking out for to tell if your denture is going past it’s best:

Looseness, rocking or rubbing sensation

Because the mouth is constantly changing and your jaw is also changing over time, denture may not fit the same. This is normal, especially if the dentures are a number of years old. If you feel that your dentures are loose you may be experiencing some discomfort or even inflammation of your gums. This can easily be remedied with a new set of perfectly fitted dentures.

Cracks, ridges, roughness

Over time, due to the amount of pressure placed on dentures, they can begin to show signs of wear. Dentures may show cracks and those may make them more prone to breakage. Daily wear and tear – cleaning, chewing, talking can cause gradual wear of the denture.

Change in colour of the teeth or gums

Over time, the natural teeth or denture teeth may start to show signs of discolouration. This is especially the case with partial dentures. The natural tooth colour may change and be more noticeable against the colour of the denture teeth. The denture gums may also begin to lighten, especially if harsh bleaches have been used to clean them. As a result, the denture may no longer be matching aesthetically with your appearance with the shape of the teeth or the colour.

Changes to natural teeth

If you also have natural teeth of your own, any treatment done to these teeth such as fillings, crowns or gum disease treatment may affect the shape of your teeth and gums. These changes can mean the denture is no longer fitting well or matching your natural teeth. Our denturist clinic can help examine you free of charge and recommend the best treatment.

If you feel any of these issues are affecting you, get in touch with our experienced denturist clinic team here Smile Denture and Implant Clinic. It is important to choose the denture clinic that makes you feel comfortable and that provides you with a personalized treatment. Contact us or give us a call at 613- 262- 6332  and see how we can create you a beautiful denture smile. To learn more about the services we offer check out our page on Denture Clinic Services.