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When Dentures Break or Wear

Keeping You Smiling with Expert Denture Repair

At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic in Ottawa, emergency denture repair is one of the most common services requested. Our denture clinic offers a range of denture repair services such as same-day partial dentures and full dentures repairs. Moreover, we aim to be transparent about the cost of denture repairs and make them affordable for clients.

On average, the cost of denture repairs in Ottawa at our clinic ranges from $250-$350. However, the cost varies depending on the nature of the repair and the extent of the damage. For a more accurate estimate of the total cost for your repair, please visit our Ottawa denture clinic for a free assessment.

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Stress, Bone Loss, Cracks & More

Reasons for Needing Denture Repair Services

There are several reasons why your dentures may break. One of the most common causes of denture fracture is wear and tear over time. Although dentures are made to last, they do often require replacement every 5-8 years. Also, over time, the size and form of your jawbone and gum tissues may change as well, making dentures easily prone to fracture. Following many years of use, breaking may also be due to the stress of chewing and daily wear. Bone loss can be another culprit for denture breakage. As a result, dentures move around in the mouth and may be unable to adjust to your mouth and resulting in a poor fit. This poor fit may cause your denture to crack or break. Lastly, your dentures may break simply due to an accidental fall or sometimes as a result of your dog’s mischief!

If you’re in need of a denture repair in Ottawa, contact our clinic today!

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Quality, Fast Denture Repair in Ottawa

Dentures Repaired with Confidence, Same-Day

Our clinic is happy to offer same-day denture repair in Ottawa. We hope to minimize the inconvenience of being without dentures for a long period of time. Emergency denture repair may be necessary when breakage or chipping occurs. It may also be required when one or more teeth must be added to an existing denture. This may be needed after tooth extraction or due to wear and tear. Luckily, in most cases, an existing broken or cracked denture can be restored to its original state. However, this will depend on the amount of impact and age of the prosthesis.

In addition, most denture repairs can be completed within one day. Whatever the reason for which your denture requires repair, we can help. Our friendly and a licensed denturist, Caner Karaceper, can best explain how to prevent future denture breakages. Furthermore, he can explain how to take care of your newly repaired dentures and your overall denture health.

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Our Denture Repair Process

Denture Repair at Smile Denture & Implant Clinic

Our denture repair process varies depending on the severity of the damage to your dentures. Since dentures are mainly made from acrylic resin, more material can be added back to repair any fractures or adjust the fit. Even if the damage seems minor to you, it is important that you do not attempt to repair them yourself. Do-it-yourself repairs can actually cause more harm than good, resulting in more expensive repairs down the road. The thought of being without your dentures for an extended period of time may seem less than ideal, which is why our denture clinic offers same-day repairs. Our denture repair services deal with fractures, relining, rebasing and adjustments. If something seems off when wearing your dentures, stop by our clinic for a free assessment. Our denturist will be able to figure out which repair service you need to get your dentures back to fitting comfortably in your mouth.


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Frequently Asked

Smile Denture Clinic is happy to offer same-day denture repairs in Ottawa. We don’t want you to have to go without dentures for a long period of time. Our denturist will also take the time to explain how to take care of your newly repaired dentures and how to prevent future damage.

Of course, depending on the severity of the damage,  the denture repair may not be able to be completed in one day, or it may require a replacement instead. 

Contact our clinic to find out how long your denture repair will take.

Depending on the damage and nature of the repair, the cost for denture repair can vary. Smile Denture & Implant clinic aims to provide our clients with affordable services for all their denture repair needs. 

Our cost for denture repair ranges from $250-$300. Contact us for a more accurate assessment of the total cost of your repair.

Even with the proper care, the most common cause of denture fracture is wear and tear over time. Dentures are made to last, however, they may still need to be repaired over the years. The stress of chewing and daily wear is a common cause of denture fractures. Fractures and breakage may also occur as a result of the size of your jawbone and gum tissue changing, or it may be due to bone loss.

Dentures may also break simply due to accidental circumstances such as dropping them or a pet getting a hold of them. 

Whatever the case may be, our clinic is happy to help with any of your denture repair needs.  

Contact our Ottawa clinic today for more information on our denture repair services.

Depending on the severity of the denture fracture, our denturist may be able to add back material to efficiently repair the damage and adjust the fit. Dentures are mainly made from acrylic resin which means more acrylic can be expertly added to the denture to bond any fractures or broken areas.

Aside from fractures, common types of denture repair include relining, rebasing, and adjustments. Denture relining is needed when dentures begin to change over time, which is a natural occurrence. Rebasing is a form of denture repair that replaces the entire base of the dentures to make them more stable. Adjustments are made to dentures to help them fit properly and more comfortably. 

Even with the proper care, denture repair is needed for reasons beyond the control of the wearer.  

Contact our clinic to find out more about the denture repair services that we offer.

It is not recommended to try any repairs yourself, no matter how small they may seem. Do-it-yourself repairs can actually cause more damage to the dentures, making for more expensive problems down the line. Our denture repair services can be done in one day, so you don’t have to worry about being without your dentures for too long. 

If you’re in need of a denture repair, contact our contact for any questions about damage assessment and denture repair.