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Denture Repair Ottawa

Denture Repair Ottawa

Denture Repairs at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic in Ottawa


At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic in Ottawa, emergency denture repair is one of the most common services requested. Our denture clinic offers a range of denture repair services such as: same day partial dentures and full dentures repairs. Moreover, we aim to make the cost of denture repairs affordable and transparent. On average, the cost of denture repairs in Ottawa at our clinic ranges from $250-$350. However, the cost varies depending on nature of repair and the extent of damage. For a most accurate estimate of the total cost for your repair, please visit our clinic for a free assessment. 

Speedy emergency denture repair is our specialty as we offer a same day repairs to quickly restore your broken dentures.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

There are several reasons why your dentures may break. One of the most common causes of denture fracture is wear and tear over time. Although dentures are made to last, they do often require replacement every 5-8 years. Also, over time, the size and form of your jawbone and gum tissues may change as well, making denture easily prone to fracture. Following many years of use, breaking may be also due to stress of chewing and daily wear. Moreover, bone loss can be another culprit for denture breakage. As a result, many dentures may move around in the mouth and may be unable to adjust to your mouth and may result in a poor fit. Moreover, this poor fit  may cause your denture to crack or break. Lastly, your dentures may break simply due to accidental fall or sometimes as a result of your dog mischief!

Same Day Denture Repair in Ottawa

Our clinic is happy to offer a same day denture repairs in Ottawa. We hope to minimize the inconvenience of being without dentures for long period of time. Emergency denture repair may be necessary when breakage or chipping occurs. It may also be necessary when one or more teeth must be added to an existing denture. This may be needed after tooth extraction or due to wear and tear. Luckily, in most cases, an existing broken or cracked denture can be restored to its original state. However, this will depend on the amount of impact and age of the prosthesis.  

In addition, most of the denture repairs can be completed within one day. Whatever the reason for which your denture requires repair, we can help.

Our friendly and a licensed denturist, Caner Karaceper, can best explain how to prevent future denture breakages. Furthermore, he can explain how to take care of your newly repaired dentures and your overall denture health.

Emergency Denture Repairs 

We care to provide you with the denture care you deserve so you can have your smile back in no time. We offer quality denture service and we will always give you a free, no obligation estimate of your denture repair cost in Ottawa.

Moreover, we will work with you to create a successful outcome for the long term. Caner’s attention to detail and high service standards will have you thrilled. He will always ensure quality and sturdy appearance of your dentures, good bite functionality and beautiful aesthetics. As a complete denture repair service our staff will also repair cracked denture bases and multiple fractures. This can happen when your denture is aged or accidentally dropped or has had previous damage. We will also repair chipped teeth on your full or partial dentures. Lastly, we will replace your old or damaged broken denture teeth with the new denture teeth. We hope to see you smiling in no time!

Full range of other denture services 

To learn more about other denture services besides denture repair that may be of interest to you, check our Services. Alternatively, visit our Smile Denture and Implant Clinic at 1218 Rooney’s Lane, Ottawa, Ontario next to Kilborn Medical Centre. At our denture clinic, we offer many denture services that can restore your beautiful smile.

Contact our Denture Clinic today for a free, no obligation consultation and allow us to restore the smile and confidence back into your life!


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