Denture Care

Getting properly fitted dentures is the first step towards a comfortable and beautiful smile. The next step is taking proper care of them to ensure longevity. Most people often forget to take proper denture care. Unfortunately, this often proves to be a costly oversight. Here at Smile Clinic, we encourage all of our patients to take proper care of their dentures since they are being used everyday and you rely on them for eating, speaking and smiling. Proper daily and annual maintenance will also ensure best functionality and provide you with confidence you expect.

Proper Care Can Extend Life of Your Dentures

Most dentures will only need a replacement every 5 – 8 years. However, at our  Clinic in Ottawa, we often see patients with premature denture damage and pain and discomfort as a result. Regular maintenance will help prevent pain and unwanted side effects such as improper fit, excessive wear or inflamed gums. Moreover, sometimes patients present with chewing difficulty, mouth sores and tissue irritation. Proper care can ensure a maximum wear and comfort.

How To Take Care Of New Dentures

To have the best use and ensure most longevity you will need to take care of your dentures as you would of your natural teeth. Some of the best care practices that we recommend at our clinic are below:

  • Clean your dentures every day with a brush to remove plaque and bacteria. Ensure that you are thorough in brushing, especially the part that comes into contact with your gums.
  • Don’t sleep with them. Instead, take them out every night and soak them overnight in an appropriate cleaner. If you do not have a special cleaner, you can also soak them in room temperature water or even add a bit of vinegar. If you have a denture with metal clasps make sure you only use room temperature water.
  • Also clean your gums to ensure they stay healthy. Best way to clean your gums is to use a soft tooth brush and warm water.
  • Rinse them thoroughly before placing them in your mouth.

Annual Free Check-Up For Our Ottawa Patients

An annual visit to your denturist will keep the trouble away. We welcome our valued patients to come in for a free annual checkup. This is beneficial to ensure optimal functionality and proper fit. Moreover, we will ensure that your bite and smile is intact. Smile Denture Implant Clinic is happy to also offer a free cleaning with an ultrasonic machine as well as free polishing. Our denturist Caner will check for any abnormalities and recommend appropriate next steps.

Dentures that are well constructed should look natural and function appropriately for several years, provided that proper care and maintenance is performed on a daily and annual basis.

If you have questions concerning the fit, function, or care of your dentures, call our Smile Clinic at 613 262 6332 for a free check-up. Get directions to our denture clinic by clicking here.