Five Reasons Why Dentures May Be the Right Choice for You

Denture Cost and Denture Payment Plans in Ottawa

Denture cost is often the main reason people sometimes postpone getting dentures on time. Some people also believe that dentures will make you look older; however our experience at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic has proven quite the opposite. We see many patients come in with inadequate dentures for their facial structure and questions about denture cost. By taking our time to explore different payment plans and treatments that suit your needs, we ensure to give you affordable dentures that are suitable for your budget.

Dentures Can Change Your Life

We strive to be the best denture clinic so that our patients walk out with their new dentures or dental implants and feel more comfortable, have better bite functionality and also look more youthful. Our denture cost can vary depending on the quality of teeth, type of treatment and your preference. We invite you to give us a call or visit us to get the best estimate of denture cost for free. Here are five reasons why dentures may be the right choice for you if you have lost some or all of your teeth.

  1. Dentures can give you a youthful appearance

New teeth that suit your facial structure and your bite, can give you that youthful look. In fact, as we get older we naturally lose upper and lower jaw bone which can make us appear older. Our denturist can help restore your facial structure with full or partial dentures and help slow or stop the bone loss that naturally makes you look older.

  1. Dentures can save your remaining teeth

If you have some teeth missing, a new partial denture or full upper or lower denture can help you preserve your remaining teeth. Otherwise, you may be putting too much pressure on your natural teeth causing additional wear and tear. Moreover, the replacement teeth are made from durable, dental porcelain, which is nearly indistinguishable from healthy natural teeth.

  1. Dentures can restore your bite and improve your dental health

One of the biggest benefits of dentures is that they will give you your bite back. At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic we offer different types of dentures, implant supported dentures and partial dentures that can be used to restore your bite. Partial dentures restore missing teeth by using some natural teeth for hold and support. Combined tooth and gum support provide effective function so that a complete bite is restored. Likewise, full dentures restore your bite and your ability to chew, smile and speak clearly. Implant supported dentures are superior to conventional dentures and offer the top of the line aesthetics. In addition, implant supported dentures offer improved stability, easier maintenance and improved long-term oral health.

  1. Dentures can instil confidence

A confidence boost never hurts, and your new smile can bring you added confidence and will make every first impression great. Here, at our denture clinic we ensure that your smile matches your natural, youthful smile to give you both confidence and comfort. As a result, you will be able to smile, laugh with confidence and without worry if your dentures look natural. Using the most advanced processes and materials in cosmetic dentistry our dentures can give you an attractive, youthful looking smile. Moreover, it will be so natural in appearance that people won’t guess you’re wearing dentures.

  1. Dentures are an affordable and convenient option

There is no reason why you should live with tooth loss. Moreover, dealing with missing teeth can be painful and dangerous for your dental health and cause bone loss. At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic we offer affordable dentures and we offer promotions that can significantly reduce the cost of dentures. We take your lifestyle and circumstances in consideration to develop a customized payment plan.

Visit our Denture Clinic

For partial to complete tooth loss, dentures can be the ideal solution. Our Ottawa Denturist Caner Karaceper provides multiple denture treatments and can discuss different denture cost to restore beauty of your smile. Also, at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic you can choose from partial, full, or implant retained dentures, depending on your needs and desires and preferred cost. We are proud to offer best and affordable dentures to the clients who are part of Veterans Affairs, ODSP, Ontario Works, Essential Health, and NIHB.

Finally, for our current promotion and how you can save on dentures cost, visit our Dentures Offer and for a full spectrum of services we offer, check out our Denture Clinic Services.

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