What to Expect From Your Denture Clinic Visit

Welcome to Smile Denture and Implant Clinic in Ottawa where we make your smile. Sometimes, when our valued patients call to inquire about our services, they have questions about what to expect from their visit at our denture clinic.

At our denture clinic you can expect professional, custom denture services and personalized treatments.

Our professional staff at Smile Denture Clinic will primarily listen to your needs and offer the best personalized denture solutions. We personally handle every step in the construction and fabrication of your denture. We care for you from the first impression to the last adjustment. There is no middleman in the fabrication of your new denture at our denture clinic. Moreover, Smile Denture Clinic is partnered with an on site dental laboratory to produce your personalized custom-made dentures in timely fashion.

Professional Care

Also, at our denture clinic you can expect professional standards of care with experienced staff.

Sometimes our patients are used to receiving a denture from a dentist and have not had an opportunity to work with a denturist beforehand. In fact, a denturist is a denture specialist.  A Denturist is a registered dental health care professional who provides denture care directly to the public. At our denture clinic, our denturist Caner Karaceper will examine patients who are missing some or all of their teeth. He can design, construct, repair and alter removable dentures. Moreover, our denturist is accredited and in good standing with the College of Denturists of Ontario (CDO). This will ensure that our patients receive top of the line quality care and craftsmanship.

Free Consultation

In addition, our clinic offers a comprehensive denture services with a free consultation and expertise you can trust.

We are experts in dentures and we offer a full range of denture services. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our valued patients. Besides working on completed dentures and partial dentures, our denturist Caner works on immediate dentures, overdentures and implant supported dentures. Our clinic is also happy to offer an ongoing denture care. As a result, we offer teeth whitening, relining or rebasing as well as emergency denture repairs.

Personalized Care and Follow Ups

Here is what you can expect during your first visit to our denture clinic:

Our denture clinic will offer a free of charge denture consultation. We will discuss your dental needs and we obtain the dental and medical patient history. On your next visit, denturist will take preliminary impressions your mouth and complete diagnostic records on your bite. During the following appointment, you’ll get to try your denture teeth for adjustments. Some clients require multiple try-in and adjustment appointments. After you are completely happy with the look and fit, your full denture is processed and ready to be worn.

The team at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic has the expertise and the practical experience that comes with treating hundreds of patients. We can give you back your smile with quality you can trust.

Contact our clinic today to learn about our services, current offers and how we can help you restore your confidence today. 

We appreciate your confidence in us and trust in making your beautiful smile.