Here at Smile Clinic, we fabricate the highest quality dentures with a lasting quality that you can trust. We are rated the best denture clinic by our valued patients. Our friendly staff always takes pride in providing quality service at affordable prices. We take pride in crafting dentures that our patients will love!

Our Denturist, Caner Karaceper will create your new perfect smile that will change your life. Often, our excellent and friendly customer service is what distinguishes us from many other Ottawa denturists and dentists. Also, our clinic is a family owned dental business. As a result, we bring over 20 years of experience and expertise in the medical field and implant solutions. Together with Smile Dental Laboratory we bring over 200 years of combined experience of dental professionals. Thus, we fabricate dentures with speed, highest quality of materials and with the up to date technologies for a perfect smile that will last.

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 Let us craft your lasting smile for years to come

Denturist or Dentist: Best Choice For Denture Needs

However, sometimes we see patients at our clinic wondering if they should get a denture treatment from a Denturist or a Dentist. Denture Clinic Ottawa staff takes time to explain the benefits and advantages of choosing a Denturist over a Dentist. Usually, a dentist is your best choice for all of your oral health.

However, when it comes to replacing some or all of the missing teeth, Ottawa denturists are your best choice. This is because denturists are medical professionals who specialize in the fit, design, construction and repair of dentures. Moreover, dentists focus on general dentistry and they do not specialize in fabrication of dentures. On the other hand, denturists work with you throughout the entire medical process from start to finish. Finally, they perform an initial exam of your mouth, arrange all fittings and complete the final product. Moreover, their work is not limited to traditional full and partial medicals. In fact, denturists work with other types of removable prosthesis, including implant-supported dentures. One of the best advantages of a denturist is that usually they craft dentures of superior quality and fit.

Affordable Dentures For Your Lasting Happiness

Moreover, our dentures are also often more affordable than they would be at your dental office. Some of the other Ottawa denturists and dentists are more old school, whereas here at Smile Clinic we combine both old school approaches with modern technologies. Hence, we are able to deliver exceptional services for our patients every time.

At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, we offer many dental services at affordable cost. Contact our clinic to inquire more about medical cost and our flexible payment plans. To see how you can save on your new dentures check out our current dentures offer. Our clinic will always work with you to ensure that payment suits your needs and that cost is affordable to your lifestyle and budget.

Visit us or contact our clinic today and allow us to restore the smile and confidence back into your life!