Dangers of Dirty Dentures

Wearing dentures can be a life changing experience. However, it is essential to take proper care of your dentures to avoid any complications down the line. Daily cleaning of your dentures is an essential step in maintaining good dentures and good oral health. Smile Denture and Implant Clinic offers the best dentures for our valued patients. However, here are a few common problems with dentures that are often a result of an improper oral hygiene.

Stained Smile 

Denture cleaning is an important factor to both how you look and how you feel. Failure to clean your dentures properly each day will not only result in a smile that’s not so bright but can also give you bad breath. What is more you can end up with staining and discolouration of your dentures. Sadly once discoloured it is impossible to whiten your dentures. This may leave you self conscious of your smile and embarrassed. Also,  plaque can react with saliva and turn into tartar. Add to that the more serious risk of health issues and you have one big oral problem, a problem that can easily be prevented with daily denture cleaning. To remove any stains it is recommended dentures are soaked overnight in a suitable denture cleanser.

Mouth Infections

Removable dentures can collect particles of food as well as form bacterial plaque and tartar deposits. Particles of food in your mouth are ideal breeding places for bacteria, fungi and viruses. Sadly, they can cause a number of mouth infections including a serious gum disease. This may even lead to decay and loss of any natural teeth you have. Moreover, fungal or bacterial infections develop in the tissues underneath dentures. This is why it is important to take your dentures out and clean them everyday. Moreover, keeping your dentures moist at night will help prevent them from drying out and cracking. What is more, cleaning your dentures daily will keep the bad bacteria out of your body.

Dry Mouth

Sometimes as we get older our mouths get dryer. In normal conditions, saliva provides a variety of protective functions and may be considered the mouth’s first line of defence against harmful bacteria. Dentures may not directly cause dry mouth, but will definitely exacerbate the problem. What is worse, it takes time for denture wearers to realize that they may have a festering oral infection until mouth sores become apparent and painful. A quick brushing every day may not be enough to thoroughly clean the denture sufficient to reach bacteria. When cleaning your dentures brush them using a moistened denture brush to remove any food particles. Do not brush too hard as this may lead to cracked or broken dentures. Use a recommended denture cleaner or paste rather than regular toothpaste. 

Best Dentures For Your Needs

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