What Are Cosmetic Dentures?

Our philosophy at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic is that dentures are an important part of people’s lives. Having an inadequate fitting and looking dentures can affect the quality of one’s life. That’s why our denturist Caner Karaceper has in-depth training in denture fabrication. Moreover, what sets us apart is that we offer you truly personalized, aesthetically pleasing dentures that will last a long time.

Cosmetic dentures are a well-fitting tooth replacement that blends in harmony with your mouth and facial features. The aim is to recreate a natural looking smile that is aesthetically pleasing. Besides the cosmetic aspect of dentures, they also replace missing teeth and reduce jaw bone loss. As a result, dentures can and often do rejuvenate one’s appearance and restore one’s confidence in speaking, eating and smiling!

How do you get a great cosmetic result?

At our denture clinic, we see many patients with different needs and desires. Some patients choose to have a perfect white smile, whereas others choose more “natural” look. The benefit of a natural look is that while it may not drastically change your appearance, it will not look far from your natural teeth. As a result, many people may not even be able to tell if you are wearing dentures. For us, it’s important to understand what result the patient is looking for and try to achieve that result. At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, naturally looking dentures.

Before we fit the dentures, we always have a try-in stage to ensure that the cosmetics, bite and fit is perfect. At this stage, we get to see what the dentures look like on you and it’s at this stage where we can work on cosmetic aspects. If you don’t like the position of any teeth, we will take them off the denture and then move them into the new position to achieve desired look. This way, you will be completely happy with your new set of teeth. Our denture clinic also offers variety of teeth such as regular teeth as well as composite resin teeth. While regular teeth will do just as fine, composite resin teeth are about three times harder and aesthetically pleasing.

Dentures will improve your facial support to give you back all the bone that you have lost and often bring a more youthful look to your appearance. Contact us today at 613. 262. 6332 to see how we can help you restore your beautiful smile!