One of the most serious complications with full dentures is a fracture resulting in a broken denture. Here at Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, we see this commonly with the top denture but fractures occur with the bottom denture as well. Not only does a broken denture make everyday tasks such as chewing, eating, and swallowing and talking unnecessarily difficult, it can also be embarrassing.

How long does it take to repair broken denture?

There are a few different ways your dentures can break: a piece of the pink acrylic falls off; the denture breaks in half; a tooth breaks or cracks or falls out. Depending on the severity and the reason for the fracture, a denturist will determine whether or not the denture can be repaired. Most of the time, our denturist is able to repair the denture if the fracture is not significant. In those cases, we are able to repair your broken or cracked denture in one visit! However, sometimes we are unable to repair it the same day and other times repair is not the best solution. If the damage to your denture is significant, the repair would only be a temporary solution before your denture breaks again.

While a cracked denture can usually be repaired by bonding it back together, a broken denture can be more challenging. It is possible to repair a broken denture, but that may compromise the strength of the denture. Sometimes, repair is just a temporary remedy. This is particularly the case with old and worn dentures that did not fit properly in the first place. This is why we recommend you book a consultation with our denturist to get a professional treatment, as well as annual visits to ensure your denture fit is optimal.

At home, cracked denture repair kits

Sometimes, our patients choose to try at home DIY repair kit for their cracked denture. While this may fix some issues, it is never recommended. Even though your denture may look fixed, it may impact your fit and bite. For that reason, it is important to consult your denturist to ensure that repaired denture fits properly. Moreover, professionally repaired dentures will give you more confidence during everyday activities such as eating, drinking and speaking.

If you have a broken denture, or any questions about denture repair, replacement, or for a free consultation to learn more about over-denturescontact us anytime at 613.262.6332.  We are happy to help!