Bar Retained Implant Denture 

Smile Denture and Implant Clinic is happy to offer the best quality metal bar retained Implant dentures. Our metal bar is made of titanium and is produced by Panthera, with a remarkable 25 year warranty for a peace of mind. Panthers titanium bar is higher than gold but has strong strength to weight ration, while being highly biocompatible.

The custom milled metal bar connects all the implants together creating a solid foundation for denture. This way the bite force is equally distributed between implants. This ensures longevity of denture implants and superior solution for missing teeth over time. The denture that attaches to titanium bar can be both removable or non-removable. We often recommend removable denture because it is easier to maintain, easier to clean and more affordable to repair if broken.

Most common treatment involves placement of 3 – 4 implants and the attachment of a customized  metal denture bar. The bar provides rigid support to the denture that fits over the top of the bar. The bar retained overdenture treatment is used in both the upper and lower jaws. Removable denture allows for the denture to be removed from the mouth for cleaning. Patients also have to brush the bar which remains attached to the implants in the mouth.

How much do denture retained bars cost?

At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic we recognize that patients may require anywhere from 1 to over 5 dental implants. This will determine the cost range as often fewer implants cost more. We work with the best denture implant specialists in Ottawa and we are happy to offer competitive dental implant cost. On average, at our denture clinic 1-2 implants cost per implant $1,850. If you require 2 – 4 dental implants the cost is $1,600 per implant. Lastly, if you are getting more than 5 implants the cost of dental implants will be $1,500 per implant. Denture retained bars cost on average between $2,000 – $8,000 and this will depend on types of finishes, number of implants and the attachments.

What is dental implant commonly made of?

Dental implants are typically made of titanium. Titanium is a biocompatible material that is accepted by the body and serves as a strong and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth. Your natural bone locks the implant into place by fusing, or attaching itself, to the implant. To learn more about dental implants you can check our our blog on dental implants here. At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, our surgeon uses top of the line Straumann dental implants.

Why Do We Use Titanium Implant Bar?

At Smile Denture and Implant Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing the best metal implant bar for our valued patients. Titanium is the most biocompatible material that is stronger than steel. It’s very light, yet very strong. Moreover, doctors also use titanium in surgery for hip replacement, knee replacements, joint replacements as well. Also, titanium has high osseointegration, which means it integrates well with the bone. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about denture supported implants. Contact us today at 613.262.6332 to see how we could restore your beautiful smile! We also offer a complimentary, free of charge initial consultation to our valued patients.